12 Step Therapy


12-step therapy for addicts originates from the members of Alcoholics Anonymous with the idea that alcoholism and addiction is a tri-fold disease: the mental obsession, the physical allergy, and a spiritual malady.

In order to address each of the three aspects of the disease, one must approach alcoholism and addiction with three solutions: unity, service, and recovery.

Unity represents the community of Alcoholics Anonymous. Often, the alcoholic/addict suffers from deeply rooted feelings of isolation and loneliness upon entering the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. You will often hear members of AA say, “We will love you until you are capable of loving yourself,” which is a direct representation of the community that awaits each alcoholic who decides to ask for help.

Service represents the concept of one alcoholic helping another alcoholic. Once an individual has completed the 11th step of alcoholics anonymous, he/she carries their experience, strength, and hope to the ‘newcomer’ in the 12th step by taking them through the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous.

Through the process of practicing unity, service, and recovery, the alcoholic/addict is offered a reprieve from the mental obsession of all mind-altering substances if he/she is to practice the principles in all of his/her affairs.

For more information on Alcoholics Anonymous, you can visit the website here: AA.org.