Intro to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
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Intro to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

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DBT, developed by Marsha Linehan, was initially designed to treat people suffering from borderline personality disorder. DBT brings standard cognitive-behavioral techniques together with reality testing around concepts such as distress tolerance, mindful awareness, and acceptance. DBT is also effective in treating patients with mood disorders, chemical dependency, self-injury, and trauma associated with sexual abuse.

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26th Annual Anne P.J. Holiday Party

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The holidays can stir up old issues and emtoions and the stress can trigger relapse. I am grateful that we are able to provide a supportive gathering for those in recovery. It’s the perfect time to appreciate the progress we have made and the blessings we have received throughout the year as a result of being in recovery.
— DeAnna Jordan

On December 4th, 2016 from 1:00pm – 4:00pm, we will be hosting the 26th Annual Anne P.J. Holiday Party. 

This event is open to the recovery community. Activities will include an appearance from Santa Claus and train rides equipped with a conductor. Refreshments are provided. 

During the event, we will collect women’s toiletry products to create holiday baskets for residents of The Lynn House, which is a women's shelter located in Laguna Beach.  The Lynn House provides women a place to stay for free for the first thirty days and reside up to an additional six months for a nominal fee.