At New Method Wellness, we offer an executive treatment program catered to the business professional and celebrity personality. 

Executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, business professionals, and the like are presented with a unique set of stressors as a direct result of their professional lives. Faced with difficult decisions, long stressful hours, fast paced, busy schedules, the anxiety and frustration of dealing with economic downsizing in a tough economy and social isolation, among other issues, celebrities and professionals often turn to recreational drugs or alcohol to ease the strain of balancing life’s professional and personal demands.  Unfortunately, that temporary ease often becomes a more stressful burden as the occasional fix becomes abuse or dependence.

Our executive treatment program aims to identify these individual, business-related triggers and create actionable steps to relive the anxiety, chaos, depression, and substance abuse surrounding each client's work environment. 

We have served many Fortune 500 companies and celebrities, providing a simplified resource for HR managers and publicists when the need arises for an employee or a client to receive treatment for substance abuse or alcoholism.

We understand that living a life in the public eye places emphasis on privacy and confidentiality in regards to substance abuse treatment. We offer private housing for celebrity personalities and CEO's as well as specialized treatment components including a more relaxed approach to digital communication during primary treatment. 

If you are a human resources manager, CEO, or publicist, you can speak with our Outreach Coordinator on our 24 hour, private line to discuss the executive program, what to expect during treatment, and how we can best help you, your employee, or your client get the help that they deserve.