Family Group Therapy


Family therapy in conjunction with primary treatment can go a long way toward assisting the addict in their path to recovery. At New Method Wellness, loved ones are welcome to be a part of inpatient addiction treatment through family therapy sessions in person or via conference calling. Family therapy helps the patient develop the state of mind needed for effective communication, helping to identify guilt, shame and resentment and the negative impact of those feelings on lives and relationships.

For some clients, family therapy is the most dreaded and desired element of treatment. Family therapy can be approached in a number of different ways depending on the needs of our clients and the ability their family has to participate in the recovery process. The initial healing process can be emotionally stressful for both clients and family members and we work patiently with each of our clients to find out what approach works best for them.

Creating a safe environment where feelings, thoughts, disappointments and triumphs can be acknowledged is a delicate process. We give our clients the skills necessary to deal with family issues and pain so that they can go on living, without having to carry the burden of past mistakes and resentments.