Guided Imagery


Guided imagery is a powerful therapeutic technique, which utilizes imagery as a means to tap into the five senses to cultivate positive emotional and physical development.

Guided imagery triggers the right side of the brain, which accompanies other functions in that area including abstract thinking, laughter, emotion, empathy, and intuition.

These principles compose the guided imagery process:

  • Mind-Body Connection: Imagery created in the brain is nearly as realistic as an actual event. The sensory images created by guided imagery allow clients to delve into their past and address long-standing issues that led to drug abuse.
  • The Altered State: The altered state is a relaxed focus that allows our bodies to exceed its normal capabilities.
  • Locus of Control: Since guided imagery is a completely personal experience, our clients are given the control to determine when and how the experience affects their consciousness.

Our therapists are trained in guided imagery techniques, which allow each client to augment the tools available to aid their recovery.