The Addicted Woman: The Gender Gap in Substance Abuse

According to Harvard Medical Publications, 7 to 12% of women in the United States abuse alcohol compared to 20% of men. Though the average 10.5% differentiation between male and female alcoholics sounds like a win for the treatment of female substance abusers, women are both less likely to receive drug and alcohol treatment and more likely to develop medical and social consequences from substance abuse.

These 4 Resolutions Will Change Your Life by Karin Lindgren

It’s February.  By February we usually have all-out failed at all our efforts to be successful at our New Year’s Resolutions and are feeling humbled by how difficult it is to make new habits.  We humans try all sorts of refreshing, reinventing, and general shake-downs of our diets, health, exercise, and excavation of all our bad habits.  And you know what traditionally happens?  Well, a week or two of energetic discipline, followed by “too busy”, “too tired”, “too broke”, and my favorite, “I don’t want to anymore”.  Let’s be honest, New Year’s resolutions often make us feel like failures within a month’s time.

The Transition to Living & Feeling Sober by Michele P.

Remember how fun life was when we were drinking and using? The parties, the friends, the long nights up until morning, the crazy photos and even crazier stories? Well now, you’re sober…how boring is that? It’s one of the biggest challenges in sobriety; to still have fun living life. There’s a catch now…you’re also “feeling” life, not just living it in a blur. All those wild times in our addiction, when we thought we were having fun, but we were also numbing out what our lives were really like. Yes, numbing out our loneliness, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, fear…but also numbing out our happiness, friendships, memories, ambitions, truth, and the list goes on.

The 9 Emotional Phases of Rehab

Going to rehab is an emotional experience. Fortunately, most of us have the same emotional roller coaster ride. Whether you're curious about how you will feel during rehab, or you want to remember how you felt when attending rehab, this blog post is for you. Join us in laughing at ourselves. Because, what is sobriety if we can't laugh at ourselves?

Inpatient Treatment: Do I Need 30, 60 or 90 days?

One of our most frequently asked questions by clients and their families is: how long do I need to attend inpatient treatment? If you are considering inpatient treatment, the prospect of attending a substance abuse facility for longer than 30 days may seem like an unnecessary extension of time or prolonging a good thing, if you will. 

If you are a family member or a loved one of an individual contemplating treatment, sending him or her off to a substance abuse facility for longer than 30 days may tug at your heart strings to the point of physical pain. 

In this blog post, we will take you through the pro's and con's of a 30, 60 and 90 day inpatient treatment program to give you a better understanding of what these programs really look like and why they actually work. 

10 Relatable Moments From Freeform's Recovery Road Premier

Last Monday, Freeform (Previously ABC Family) premiered their brand new series Recovery Road, which follows the life of Maddie Graham, a 17-year-old addict who gets sent to detox and outpatient treatment after getting caught with a bottle of vodka in her locker. Maddie doesn't think she's an addict despite her daily drinking and partying and fights her sentence to treatment every step of the way. 

Do You Need Al-Anon?

You may have heard a few times, "You should check out an Al-Anon meeting!" To which you might refute: "I'm good, thank you." 

But, is Al-Anon worth your time? Is it really for you or is it only for loved ones of heroin addicts or a more 'serious' addiction? 

In this article, we will do our best to explain with Al-Anon is, how it can help you, and where you can find help... If it is something you need. 

The Kindness of Pain by Becky Henderson

This blog post was brought to you by Becky Henderson, Transformation Coach, Licensed Professional Counselor, Writer, and Speaker

I’ve worked with thousands of clients over the years.  I have one right now experiencing extreme anxiety and fear on a daily basis.  In one session recently she threw up her arms and yelled, “What’s wrong with me?!!”  I looked at her and said, “Nothing is wrong with you.  Everything is operating according to its design.  Yes, something is going on, but the pain you’re in is just the symptom, the effect; the pain is a perfect messenger.  Your body, heart and spirit are trying to get your attention.  If you listen, you’ll start noticing what it is that needs to be addressed.  Stop fighting the signal and you’ll get to the source.”  Consider that pain is the “Check Engine” light of our lives. 

4 Relapse Prevention Tips for the Holidays

Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years are often triggers for addicts and alcoholics.

There’s something about the pressure of family expectations, the awkward conversations with family members you speak to only once a year, and the general frustrations of securing the perfect presents for everyone on your list.

Or, maybe you just hold some deep resentments from holidays past, and you prefer to eliminate all holidays from the calendar year.

Whichever your reason, packing your toolbox full of helpful relapse preventions tools will guarantee you an easier, more carefree season.

How Do You Do Humility?

The benefits of having humility have become clearer to me lately, particularly as my life as a sober woman has grown and my relationships with others have multiplied.  With a couple years of sobriety, I now have a full-time job and am heavily involved in a 12 step fellowship, which has led to a lot of interactions with new people with a range of personalities.  For me, this leads to confusing interactions, obsessing about what to say and not say, and repeated opportunities for keeping my side of the street clean.  How do I proceed through the day without feeling uncomfortable or needing to apologize?  After many mistakes and missteps, it seems having humility in all my interactions is ultimately the answer.

Controlling Your Shopping Addiction This Holiday

The winter months are brimming with sales, ‘special offers’, and highly targeted marketing advertisements on practically every platform imaginable.

The pressure to succumb to your shopping addiction and spend money you don’t have may increase exponentially throughout the holiday season as you pass signs of ‘50% off’ and ‘Two for One,’ in the windows of every brick-and-mortar shop.

If you find that your eye starts twitching when you receive a ‘Cyber Monday’ email today claiming ‘30% off sitewide,’ or you feel minor heart palpitations at the thought of Christmas shopping, then you might need to take some time for the duration of this article to let yourself breathe and regroup.

We’re here to tell you that despite what your friends, family, or TV ads might tell you, you don’t need to participate in Holiday sales. There are ways to manage your shopping addiction during the holiday season.

Keep Your Morning Routine This Thanksgiving

If this is your first major sober holiday, or if you have been sober for quite some time and you still cringe at the thought of a major holiday, keep reading this blog post.

If you find at the end of this blog post that you do not feel sufficiently prepared for Thanksgiving tomorrow, it is probably because you didn’t read our post: 4 Tips for a Sober Thanksgiving.

Of course, we saved the best for last when it comes to holiday sobriety. The most important tip to have a fantastic Thanksgiving this year is to keep your usual, day-to-day routine.

4 Tips for a Sober Thanksgiving

You're not alone in feeling fearful of a sober Thanksgiving. 

The thought of being around family during the holidays without a mind-altering substance may cause your palms to sweat and your heart to beat irregularly. 

Fortunately, there are tools you can keep in your pocket (sometimes literally) that will help you have a beautiful, sober Thanksgiving.

5 Sobriety Quotes to Get You Through Today

What are you going to do, today, to make it a good day? Take a minute and think about this...

Your perception is your reality. The attitude you choose to send out into the world, is the attitude that will be sent right back to you... Only ten-fold.

Here are 5 sobriety quotes that will start your day off efficiently and positively. Share these images with your friends on Facebook to inspire them to make today the best day ever.