How to Stop Drinking for Good

We receive heartbreaking inquiries daily from family members, friends, husbands and wives, asking how we can help their loved ones cease the fight against alcoholism. 

The good news is: we have seen countless success stories here at New Method Wellness. We have seen emotionally and physically battered men and women, propped up by our staff with complete immobility, enter the doors of our treatment center, complete our 30 day program, and walk back out those same doors laughing and smiling, surrounded by a group of sober friends. 

These moments make our fight against this deadly disease worth while. On Thursdays, when our alumni return to the center for their alumni group and social, we get to see clients who were completely broken, shedding tears of deep pain and despair, take 2, 3, 4, or more years of sobriety. 

Sobriety is possible. The road is tough, but it is possible. 

Our wish for you or your loved one, is that they truly understand that they are not hopeless. 

Help us spread the message of hope by sharing this slideshow with someone you know is suffering with alcoholism or addiction.