Massage Therapy


Massage therapy has been shown to relieve the stress and discomfort of detox during substance abuse treatment. At the beginning of the recovery process, addicts may undergo an uncomfortable period in which the body, mind and spirit are not aligned. Therapeutic massage can be a powerful means of aiding this discomfort. Massage and other body therapies are often used with physical therapy to help clients come back to their natural state of being, away from addictive behaviors.

New Method Wellness offers the massage services of skilled professionals to help clients get back in touch with their bodies. Some people who have damaged their bodies physically from the use of drugs or alcohol attest to the fact that massage is a practice that helps take the numbness away and restores a healthy feeling in parts of the body they thought would remain scarred by addiction forever. Additionally, healthy physical touch can be essential to the healing process, restoring spiritual and emotional wellbeing. These benefits continue even after treatment has been completed.