New Method Wellness is a substance abuse treatment center located in the quaint, historical town of San Juan Capistrano. 

Our rehabilitation headquarters span five suites in the Ortega business community, harboring three spacious group rooms, ten individual counseling offices, a client kitchen, a dining room for clients to eat their catered lunches, and plenty of lounge space for downtime in between groups and individual therapy. 

In addition to our rehabilitation center, we have five beautifully furnished homes sprinkled over the neighboring beach cities: Capistrano Beach, San Clemente, and PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). 

Our rehabilitation homes are specific to gender, excluding our detoxification home and our 35+ home. 

Each home is monitored by management staff 24 hours a day for the safety of our clients. The detoxification home, located in San Clemente, is monitored by well-trained staff, prepared for crisis, should the case arise. 

Our Medical Operations Coordinator, Operations Coordinator, and a counselor are on call on evenings and weekends to ensure that our clients receive the attention they require and deserve.  

For more information about each of our recovery homes, select the 'learn more' button for descriptions and a photo tour.

The Rio House

Our Rio home is designated for detoxification. If necessary, our clients will complete the required detoxification period determined by our staff physician, psychiatrist, and nurse. The detox recovery home is under 24 hour supervision by our medical staff.


The Capo House

After detoxification, our female clients will be moved into the Capo House, located just a short walk from the beach and reserved solely for female clients and staff.


The Hermosa House

After detoxification, our male clients will be moved into the Hermosa House, also located just a short walk from the beach and reserved solely for male clients and staff.

The Ramona House

The Ramona House is our dedicated IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) house specifically for our clients completing their chosen outpatient program. 

35+ Home

Our 35+ home is reserved for clients over the age of 35. At New Method Wellness, we respect our client's individual journey; we want to ensure that our clients are placed in a home that makes them most comfortable.