Founded in 2006 by Ed Blum and Susie Hopson-Blum with Bing Crosby and DeAnna Jordan Crosby joining as board members in 2011, New Method Wellness truly is a family business. Over the past 10 years, New Method Wellness has grown its California rehabilitation center exponentially, providing the opportunity for thousands of individuals suffering from substance abuse and addiction to receive the help they need to start truly living.

Each of our founders has a special relationship with substance abuse; whether they have suffered from the disease themselves, or they have witnessed a loved one’s suffering. Their compassion is immeasurable.

With five homes, a beautiful Southern California treatment facility and unique therapy methods, New Method Wellness is not your usual recovery center. Primary treatment, dual diagnosis, executive treatment, family group, outpatient treatment and extended care are only a few of the addiction treatment programs offered at New Method Wellness: there is a program for everyone. Not every person suffering from substance abuse addiction is the same. Every client requires individual attention and catered therapy, which is why the 1:1 staff to client ratio proves to be so successful.

At New Method Wellness, we also believe in holistic addiction therapy, which includes addressing the mind, body and spirit of each client. Some of the addiction therapy options we offer for our clients are: 

  • Massage addiction therapy
  • Acupuncture addiction therapy
  • Hypnotherapy for addicts
  • Guided meditation addiction therapy
  • Yoga addiction therapy
  • 12 step therapy for addicts
  • Wilderness therapy
  • Essentials of family therapy
  • Solution-focused therapy
  • Process therapy
  • Sand Play therapy
  • Equine therapy for addicts
  • Art therapy
  • Guided imagery
  • Nutritional counseling


We believe in family values at New Method Wellness; each of our clients becomes a part of our family and they have the opportunity to stay involved in all aspects of our center once they join our alumni program. We believe a happy sobriety is largely determined by the quality of each person’s sober community, and we do our best to provide a safe, comforting and warm community for each of our clients.