At New Method Wellness, we offer 30 and 60 day primary substance abuse treatment programs for our clients after detoxification. 

During our primary substance abuse treatment programs, our clients are placed in luxury homes, separated by gender and age for maximum comfort throughout the recovery process. 

We understand that substance abuse recovery is a sensitive endeavor, which is why we place our clients in safely monitored homes, secluded from environmental temptations to ensure maximum effectiveness. 

Client are transported to our rehabilitation center from Monday through Thursday for individual counseling with their primary and secondary counselors, group therapy, and activities including yoga, art therapy, massage therapy, and more.

While counseling is an integral part of our primary substance abuse treatment program, our clients have access to a variety of holistic therapy methods. For a full and comprehensive list of our therapy methods, you can view our Therapy Methods Page

Having treated well over 1,000 clients since the early days of New Method Wellness' primary substance abuse treatment program, we believe that a holistic approach to substance abuse treatment is the most effective method, treating each client's mind, body, and spirit. 

To speak with our Outreach Coordinator regarding you or your loved one's specific needs, you can fill out our contact form, or call our 24 hour line by clicking on the button below.