Never in my life did I think I would end up in a place like this. A country boy from Texas who thought, “I’m not an addict,” but boy was I wrong. As soon as I walked in New Method Wellness, I felt love for the first time in a long time. I was sent here for a reason and it changed my life so if you want your life changed, it’s possible believe me, someone that was hurting for something that I thought I would never find. Not only have I achieved happiness and am smiling again, I can LOVE. New Method Wellness and it’s loving family saved my life and it will be a part of me forever. Thank you and God bless you all.
— Ricky S., 18 months of sobriety
Thank you so much New Method Wellness for everything. I am so grateful that you have guided me towards a spiritual way of life and have opened my eyes to the beautiful and simple things in life. I am grateful for food to eat, a roof over my head, eyes to see, laughter, women in the program, a relationship with my higher power and most of all, to be sober and happy today. Big love from London!
— Orla B., 9 months of sobriety
New Method Wellness saved me. I came in not wanting to live and left with the desire to live the very best life possible and the tools of how to do just that. Today I am self-sufficient, I have a place of my own and I have friends that love me for me. Now, I sponsor women and I am able to pass on what I learned from treatment and my sponsor with them. I became an intake coordinator at another treatment center and can now give back to others what New Method Wellness gave to me. Most importantly, today I am free today to love myself and am free to laugh and continue to grow into the woman I couldn’t even dream of being.
— Ashley C., 20 months of sobriety
I want to thank all of the staff at New Method Wellness for all of their help over the course of my two months there. Your treatment center is by far the best I have been to and I have been to several. The counselors and therapists all have a vast knowledge of their profession and how to specifically tailor their treatment tactics to the individual for the best outcome.

I entered treatment feeling angry, isolated, sick, and more than anything else, feeling hopeless. I was wanting to find a safe space where I could get clean and feel physically better. I was wanting to appease my family and find a little peace and quiet. I was wanting to finally sleep on my own again, restfully and continuously. But I wasn’t really hoping to find hope. I wasn’t sure that I would ever be within my grasp again. I wasn’t open to true healing, because I didn’t believe in the old AA methods offered to achieve it. I knew I wanted to be better, but I didn’t truly believe anyone or anything could help me.

New Method gave me back my hope. You were kind and patient. You asked for accountability without being degrading or overly judgmental. You met me at my level and helped me find a path that I was comfortable walking. I’m not one to be placed in a box and adapt to my four walls. Clearly my life skills were not getting me where I needed or wanted to be, but rather than tell me “You’re wrong, do it this way, and you’ll be fixed”, you helped me figure out how to create the right path towards the correct future for me. After all, I am the only one who gets the privilege of walking that path. So, I thank you, for helping me get my life back. My family thanks you for helping them get their peace back. I am now a happy person that is comfortable in my skin again. And I promise not to waste this gift of life or clarity as I walk my path, no matter how difficult it may sometimes be. Hope is a powerful thing, and I humbly thank you for helping me find it.
— Brent M.
There is so much I could say about my great experience at New Method Wellness. The great food, wonderful living accommodations, the limited freedoms, the activities, the outings, the events, the great location and even the local community made a huge impact on me and my recovery. It is probably the healthiest lifestyle that I have ever lived. However, I believe that it was the internal work that really made the difference. That work was done with other people including other clients like me. I was willing to just move forward with the process at New Method Wellness, and I was taken out of a life of pain. This place has given me a new life that I could not have imagined. Thank you to everyone for my recovery.
— Jeffrey S.

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