Michele's Success Story

Nik's Success story

Christie's success story

  • Thank you so much New Method Wellness for everything. I am so grateful that you have guided me towards a spiritual way of life and have opened my eyes to the beautiful and simple things in life. I am grateful for food to eat, a roof over my head, eyes to see, laughter, women in the program, a relationship with my higher power and most of all, to be sober and happy today. Big love from London!
    — Orla B.
  • New Method Wellness saved me. I came in not wanting to live and left with the desire to live the very best life possible and the tools of how to do just that. Today, I am self-sufficient, I have a place of my own and I have friends that love me for me. Now, I sponsor women and I am able to pass on what I learned from treatment and my sponsor with them… Today, I am free; I love myself and am free to laugh and continue to grow into the woman I couldn’t even dream of being.
    — Ashley C.
  • There is so much I could say about my great experience at New Method Wellness. The great food, wonderful living accommodations, the limited freedoms, the activities, the outings, the events, the great location and even the local community made a huge impact on me and my recovery. It is probably the healthiest lifestyle that I have ever lived… This place has given me a new life that I could not have imagined. Thank you to everyone for my recovery.
    — Jeffrey S.