Wilderness Therapy


Having the ability to work with others in solving a problem is of paramount importance to people new to recovery from drug addiction. Adventure and outdoor therapy helps clients build the skills that they will need to work together using the combined efforts of all of group members involved.

Wilderness Therapy (Adventure Therapy) is based on presenting a physical and mental challenge to our clients that they must work together in order to solve. These challenges can be placed in the context of playing team sports, taking hikes in the coastal mountains near New Method Wellness’ California drug rehabilitation center or going on group activities. All of these activities are self-directed and solution oriented. As the clients interact with one another, they learn each other’s strengths and how to use them to benefit the group as a whole with the guidance of the counselor. After the activity, the counselor holds a debriefing group in which the clients discuss their strengths and their impressions about each other during the process.

In working together through challenging situations, clients learn more about themselves and how to rely on help from others. It helps them to derive meaning from the relationships they make with their peers and to build self-esteem. This process helps to bind clients together in realizing their common goal: recovery.